the architect Wallace K. Harrison designed a spherical centerpiece named the Perisphere. He felt his spherical design needed a companion form to provide it with a sense of scale so he looked for inspiration in the work of a Russian architect named Jacob Tchernikhov, working in the constructivist style. Tchernikhov had draftings of spherical forms joined to a spike by ramps. In Harrison's arrangement, these elements were placed a dozen yards apart (see A) and a slowly rising ramp encircled them. The sphere hovered elegantly over a pool of water. Compositionally they were usually photographed from a perspective that gave the illusion that they were joined together as one object (see B). In my take on this form I've changed the proportional relationship of the obelisk and the sphere and pulled them together until they are fully interlocking forms (see C). The sphere has also been partially submerged into the ground making it a sort of exaggerated dome to serve as a greenhouse.

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